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Meet the Associate FreeMind Rapid Change Therapy team offering private sessions. We are passionate about using the unique FreeMind System to help people make positive changes and bring more happiness to their lives…

Tom About Us

Tom Fortes Mayer

I feel very privileged to be helping people be their very best and it’s something I love doing. I’m available for individual sessions in person, over the phone and also on Skype. The price depends very much on what we are working on, ranging from £150 to £500 a session, but courses of treatment are priced differently.

To book your free 20 minute assessment please do get in touch.


Rhia Pratsis

I have been working with FreeMind techniques for over a decade. First as a client, then as a training assistant and now as a qualified FreeMind therapist. The FreeMind approach changed my life which is why I am so excited to be sharing this approach with clients. I am passionate about helping discover and resolve the limiting beliefs and feelings that have been unnecessarily holding them back. It is such an honour to witness the transformation in people using these powerful techniques. 

I am based in North London and because I believe everyone deserves to have access to these tools, I offer a sliding scale so that my work is affordable for those on lower wages.

For a free initial consultation please contact me on 07940037932 or email at

3 Pillars

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